“We don’t look at sets as simple construction pieces, we look at them as art masterpieces, and we try to get the best out of them.”

As the oldest and one of the most important Hungarian set construction companies, we offer flexible and professional service and sophisticated subcontractional background.

„We see art in every set, that’s why we fall in love with them.”

“We believe that, in order to make perfect sets, production has to be just as perfect on every level. That is why we carefully select every person working for us.”

Our Story

Our company is located in Fót, next to the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. Since it was established in 1993 we create sets for Movies, TV series, TV shows exhibitions and visual merchandising. Our experts work with endless variety of materials focusing on finding new materials and production methods to reduce production time while keeping the same flawless quality.

Our duty is not only to manufacture the set but also create something beautiful. We are really proud of the knowledge and the experience of sculpture, woodwork and painting skills gathered through the years and find it important to pass it on to the next generations.




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